Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!

i don't know about you, but i'm crazy about the new year!'s a fresh new beginning's another year to live's chance to make new goals for myself (and hopefully reach them!) ..and it's the absolute perfect day to start a blog!

i am one of those who always has to make "new years resolutions". there is something about it so appealing to me.. i don't know what it is but i just love it! here are a few of mine..

mandie's 2011 new years resolutions:

1. read through the entire Bible
this one is going to be really tough but i really want to do it. so i will try my best and say a prayer that i can stick with it! along with reading the entire book i would also like to memorize verses that can help me in my daily life.

2. get a job
i have been looking for a job for several months now. so far, no luck. i've been really picky though. i only want to work at a. nordstroms or b. starbucks. and the location must be the one of my choosing which makes for slim pickings. hopefully patience will land me just the job i've been waiting for!

3. get on a budget
i have been wanting to create a budget for myself for a while now.. the truth is, i spend too much money on whatever my little heart desires! and i tell ya.. it's a blast! ..but i know it's not very responsible. and i have some new expenses i'm adding to the mix so i need to be more careful with the moulah.

i have a few others but i'm trying to keep it simple this year.

xoxo mandie rose

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