Monday, January 10, 2011

falling in love with Taylor..

Taylor and Rach..

last week i heard that Taylor Swift was going to be on The Rachael Ray Show.. i don't normally watch the show, not because i don't want to.. mostly because 3 o'clock in the afternoon is kind of an inconvenient time and because i just don't think to turn it on.. anyways i was excited that Taylor was going to be on the show.

i started liking her sometime last year. i would say there were three events that led up to this..
1. i had heard a song of hers that i liked and downloaded it from itunes.
2. i decided to watch "Saturday Night Live" one night (which i rarely watch) and Taylor Swift was hosting the show. she was in several of the skits and i thought she was really funny and did a great job.
3. i saw the movie "Valentines Day" (i had no idea Taylor Swift was even in it) and i thought she was hilarious.

so monday afternoon i watched Rachael Ray and i absolutely fell in love with Taylor. she was adorable. she seemed really sweet and down to earth.. i was very impressed with her.

they played a game with Taylor called "swift decisions".. it was cute and i thought it showed some of her personality. click here to watch the clip.

xoxo mandie

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