Thursday, March 27, 2014

to cut or not to cut..

Well it's been FOR-ever since I've written anything on here anddd.. My hope is that in the near-ish future (later on this year) I won't be working anymore :D and will have more time to do domestic-ey activities and hopefully share them on here!! A ton has happened in my life in the past two years but I'll talk about that later! Right now there are more important decisions to be made! like.. Do I cut my bangs or not?!?!

I've grown my bangs out over the fall and winter to see if I'd like not having bangs.. and well.. I just can't quite get used to not having them.. and honestly, I feel like I don't look good without them. Soo.. here are some styles I'm looking at..

Here are the ones with no bangs..

And here are the ones WITH bangs..

I just love bangs and I think they are fashionable.. But.. it's taken me soo long to grow mine out!! And I'm just hesitant to cut them after going through all that! 

Well that's it for now..

xoxo mandie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunday, July 10, 2011

m is for montana..

so if i haven't mentioned it, i'm in montana for the summer!

totally having a blast hangin' with my sister and her hubby.. and of course my super rad nephews! plus i've met some really cool people and am getting to spend some quality time with my girl katie..

basically.. it's the best summer i've had in a really long time!

on thursday i decided to climb the M (here in town there's a giant M on the side of the mountain with a trail up to it).. anywho. i brought my camera with and had a loverly time. although it was a tad harder than i remembered and i think i misjudged my level of in-shape-ness. haha. i was out of breath the whole way up. maybe i'm just not used to climbing stuff..

here are a few shots i got along the way..

it's the M..!

the babies that got me up this mountain =D

it was gorgeous.. as you can see. i'm looking forward to the next time i climb it..!
xoxo mandie

Thursday, May 19, 2011

fruity pebbles treats.. gluten free!

ooh!! i was at the grocery store tonight picking up some ingredients for a recipe (which i'll share with you later) and i came across these bars. i of course had to try them, since fruity pebbles are one of my favorite cereals! these bars are fun and really pretty tasty. one of the best parts is they're packaged and great for on the go. sure, they're not exactly healthy but hey, you gotta let yourself have some "fun" foods sometimes and i'm always excited to find a new gluten free snack!

i'd give them a 4 star rating..

gluten free, 90 calories and only 9 grams of sugar!

xoxo mandie

Monday, May 2, 2011

brown polka dot quilt..

i'm excited about this one =D

it's been a while since i posted.. life's just been really busy lately i guess. anyways.. finally i had some time and wanted to share this baby quilt i made for a friend. i know we're supposed to be all humble and everything but i can't help it.. i think this is just about the cutest thing ever! i was really happy with how it turned out! and i hope you like it too..!

the fabrics.. i'm in
love with polka dots! especially the big ones!

the plans =]

i was really proud of how beautiful the
back looked! i had to take a picture to document.

tah-dah!! finished!

i LOVE all the quilting!

all wrapped and ready to give!

xoxo mandie

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

outfit inspiration: kim kardashian

i am loving this outfit.. i don't usually care for kim's wardrobe choices but this is totally something i would wear! i like how casual and easy it is but put together at the same time..

i love the sandals and the pants together.. the big watch. love.
and the sunglasses really pull it all together and make it super cool.

xoxo mandie

Friday, April 15, 2011

pretty smellies..

without fail, one thing that will always make me happy is my perfume collection.. not only are the bottles pretty but they smell heavenly too! i keep all my perfume on my window sill and there is nothing prettier than the sun shining in on them on a nice day!

perfumes from left to right: chanel chance eau fraiche, abercrombie & fitch 8, nollie live, nollie, and juicy couture viva la juicy

i love all of them but my faves would have to be viva la juicy and chanel chance.. what's your favorite perfume?

xoxo mandie