Thursday, March 27, 2014

to cut or not to cut..

Well it's been FOR-ever since I've written anything on here anddd.. My hope is that in the near-ish future (later on this year) I won't be working anymore :D and will have more time to do domestic-ey activities and hopefully share them on here!! A ton has happened in my life in the past two years but I'll talk about that later! Right now there are more important decisions to be made! like.. Do I cut my bangs or not?!?!

I've grown my bangs out over the fall and winter to see if I'd like not having bangs.. and well.. I just can't quite get used to not having them.. and honestly, I feel like I don't look good without them. Soo.. here are some styles I'm looking at..

Here are the ones with no bangs..

And here are the ones WITH bangs..

I just love bangs and I think they are fashionable.. But.. it's taken me soo long to grow mine out!! And I'm just hesitant to cut them after going through all that! 

Well that's it for now..

xoxo mandie

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