Sunday, July 10, 2011

m is for montana..

so if i haven't mentioned it, i'm in montana for the summer!

totally having a blast hangin' with my sister and her hubby.. and of course my super rad nephews! plus i've met some really cool people and am getting to spend some quality time with my girl katie..

basically.. it's the best summer i've had in a really long time!

on thursday i decided to climb the M (here in town there's a giant M on the side of the mountain with a trail up to it).. anywho. i brought my camera with and had a loverly time. although it was a tad harder than i remembered and i think i misjudged my level of in-shape-ness. haha. i was out of breath the whole way up. maybe i'm just not used to climbing stuff..

here are a few shots i got along the way..

it's the M..!

the babies that got me up this mountain =D

it was gorgeous.. as you can see. i'm looking forward to the next time i climb it..!
xoxo mandie

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  1. I remember seeing big letters on hillsides like that while traveling through northern Utah and southern Idaho as a young kid with my family. Be safe and have fun out there. -MB