Tuesday, February 22, 2011

rudis or udi's..

ever since i found out that i have celiac i have been searching for a good bread.. especially a good sandwich bread. most of the time gluten free breads don't taste very good unless they are toasted and slathered in butter! and while toast with butter is delicious.. it's not always convenient (and not to mention.. not exactly the healthiest choice) and sometimes you just want a cold lunch meat or peanut butter sandwich.

i found this udi's loaf about a year ago (well, not this exact loaf.. that'd be disgusting :o) and was super impressed with it.. i recently came across rudis sandwich bread and was curious how they compare. so i decided to do a little review to compare them and figure out which is best. so here goes..

udi's whole grain bread:

appearance: i would say it deserves 4 stars.. it is very pretty and even though the shape isn't exactly like a regular loaf of bread, it's decent.. size is small and color is very white.
flavor: 5 stars! the flavor of this bread is amazing. it tastes like real bread! no after taste.
texture: 5 stars.. this bread is light and airy.. not too dry.. crust is soft.. holds together really well and doesn't crumble in your mouth. a huge plus!

rudis original sandwich bread

appearance: 4 stars.. it is very pretty.. shape is good.. size is small and color is a golden light brown. overall it looks fairly normal.
flavor: i'd say 4 stars.. the flavor is good.. tastes very much like regular bread and there is no after taste.
texture: 2 1/2 to 3 stars.. this bread is considerably denser than the udi's.. it holds together well enough while you're handling it but once you bite into, it crumbles in your mouth. the crust is kind of hard and the whole thing is a little on the dry side.

5 stars! it is excellent for making sandwiches and eating cold. this will be a regular in my freezer.. (ooh, i forgot to mention.. both of these breads must be stored in an airtight container in the freezer to keep them fresh)

3 stars.. this really is a good option and while it might not be the best for making cold sandwiches it would be yummy toasted.. or even as a grilled sandwich. i would probably buy it again.

xoxo mandie

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