Friday, March 25, 2011

friday night fun..

we have a treat tonight!

ruston, (one of my FOUR adorable nephews =D) gets to spend the night with us. his mamma and daddy had a wedding to attend tonight and instead of coming back to get him at 11pm or so they decided to let him spend the night.. which is of course, super fun for me!

i had to get some photo's..

look at that adorable face =]

we played this game where we count to 3.. and when we get to 3 we "go crazy" shouting and laughing and jumping up and down. it was REALLY fun! ruston totally got into it =D

teddy graham!
and of course we had to eat treats! (don't tell his mama :o)

i hope your friday night was as fun as mine!
xoxo mandie

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